Matt Savage introduces “Savage Average,” a new No-Limit poker tournament format without fixed blind levels, aiming for an average stack to be consistently at 50 big blinds. This format, set to debut at Thunder Valley Casino’s WPT Rolling Thunder event, eliminates traditional blind increases, instead adjusting blinds based on player eliminations to maintain the average stack. The structure draws from earlier experiments with dynamic blind structures but sets the average at 50 big blinds, compared to similar formats with lower averages. While the concept has been met with interest, there are concerns about potential impacts on tournament duration and player strategy.

You can try it out now with our poker clock. Download it here:

This is the tutorial, how to set up a Savage Average tournament.
If you use this clock for the first time, please check this tutorial first:

  1. Create a clock like always. When it comes to the blind settings, active the Savage Average Mode

2. Click “Load Template” and choose “SAVAGE AVERAGE 50K” if you start with a stack of 50K chips

3. You are ready to go. If you want you can edit the blind levels, edit ante and add pauses