The best Home Game Texas Hold'em Poker App

and perfect for Heads Up Players 👌🏻

Playing poker with friends is always a highlight, but there’s always that one person who takes way too long to shuffle the cards or nearly breaks their fingers doing it! Or the blinds aren’t set, or two people get caught up in conversation and miss their turn. That’s a thing of the past now! Because the Bullets Poker App solves all these problems and doesn’t forget the most important part of poker: Focusing on the opponent and real chips!

At the end of the evening, you’ll have played more hands, bluffed more, gambled more, won more hands, and had more fun! That’s because the Bullets Poker App digitizes the dealer and the cards.

The digital Poker App card revolution

The Bullets Poker App turns your smartphone or tablet into a digital dealer. You and your friends can fully concentrate on the game while the app takes care of shuffling and dealing the cards. This way, you can play faster and more hands without interruptions.

100% excitement during the all-in and showdown

When it comes to the all-in in poker, everyone has to reveal their cards on the table, and the tension rises! The player uncovers their cards with an intuitive gesture: Pull the cards all the way down, and then each player who is all-in pushes their phone to the center towards the tablet or the community cards, just like with real cards.

Curious glances stand no chance

Do I have to hold the phone in front of my chest the whole time so that no one can peek at my cards? No! You can leave your phone relaxed on the table in front of you. If you don’t touch your cards, you’ll only see their backs. When the Bullets Poker Dealer has shuffled and dealt the cards, cover your phone with one hand, and with one finger, pull the cards slightly downward. You’ll first see only a small corner of the cards – then release them and lean back, hoping for a good flop!

Poker like with real cards, just digital

You can still play poker the way you want: If needed, activate the option to take another look at your cards even though you’ve already folded them. Want to see what would have come if someone had called the all-in? No problem! The rabbit hunting function allows you to look at the cards that would have come up if you had continued playing.

Did someone press “Deal” too early, and the flop came before everyone had placed their bets? The misdeal function allows you to re-deal the flop, turn, or river according to official tournament rules while the players keep their cards. So, you can play poker the way you’re used to with real cards.

The best of both worlds: Real chips and digital cards

Do you also love the feel of real poker chips? Do the chips have to dance through your fingers? With the Bullets Poker App, that’s no problem at all! The app is designed so that you and your friends can still play with real chips. The digital dealer function ensures that all players always know when it’s their turn and when they need to place which blinds.

Play faster and more disciplined

“Put in the blinds,” “Who’s up?”, “It’s your turn!” Who doesn’t know these phrases from home game rounds? Someone always gets caught up in conversation. To prevent this from disrupting the flow of the game, our digital dealer ensures that no one needs to be reminded when it’s their turn! Is it your turn? The phone vibrates once. Are you the dealer, small blind, or big blind? The dealer tells you which chips to put in before you look at your cards.

Sit and go tournament or cash games

With the Bullets Poker App, you can play however you want. Tournaments or cash games are really fun with the app! Do you want to play for real money? Feel free to do so 😉 But not in our Texas Hold’em poker apps with friends. Technically speaking, there’s only play money in Bullets Poker. Whatever you agree on among yourselves and outside of the Poker App is your thing.

Professional poker clock included

The blind timer from Bullets Poker allows you to configure the blind levels according to your own taste and pace. The app notifies each player when the blinds have increased. The poker clock can also be displayed additionally through a browser on a SmartTV, for example. Just go to and enter the table code.

How does the blind timer work?

When creating the game, activate the “Poker Clock” option. Then configure the blinds and the duration of the levels. Optionally, you can also configure breaks and big blind antes. All players automatically see on their phones when the current level is over.

Here's how the Bullets Poker app works.

A player creates a game under “live game” and shares the table code with friends. They can also use WhatsApp for this purpose. We recommend placing a tablet in the center of the table. The “TV mode” can also be used on a SmartTV without the app ( The community cards are displayed there. Once all players are in, the game begins. Players can also join an ongoing game. The first 30 minutes at a private table are completely free. If you want to continue playing, the player who created the game can remove the limitation by inserting very small coins. All other players can continue to play for free.

Apple and Android are compatible

No matter which smartphone you use, whether it’s Apple or Android, the Bullets Poker app is optimized for both systems and is compatible with each other.


After no more than 5 rounds and a very short acclimation phase, nobody misses the real cards at the home game anymore. That is our promise. This digital dealer from Bullets Poker takes your home game to a new level.

Now download the app and give it a try. What? Don’t have any friends available for a poker night right now? Then simply play online poker in the Bullets Poker app and compete against other players worldwide in poker to showcase your skills!