The Professional Dealer For Your Pocket. More Hands, More Fun,
...More Poker!

Take your live game to the next level. Shuffling cards yourself is outdated. But leave out the chips? Never!

Bullet Poker shows the community cards with nice visuals on your tablet, while each player keeps their pocket cards on their iPhone or Android device. Simply create or join a table using a code, and you’ll be able to start placing bets in no time.

Your personal poker dealer

With Bullet Poker, your tablet displays the board cards for both cash games and tournaments. Our dealer knows all the rules down to the last detail: A new player comes to the table. Can he get cards immediately, or does he have to sit out another round? With the option to receive reminders on your smart blind, big blind, or under the gun status, you and your friends have never played with such discipline. 

Enjoy a seamless gaming experience with Bullet Poker’s intuitive design, which transforms your devices into an intelligent deck of cards. Elevate your game to a professional level with ease.

Keep it real!

Experience authentic poker with Bullets Poker, where you’ll place bets using real chips and bask in the satisfaction of your winnings. With Bullets Poker, the traditional deck of cards is replaced, freeing you and your friends from the tedious task of collecting, shuffling, and dealing, allowing you to focus on the game.

Absolutely safe and fair

With Bullets Poker, your cards are shuffled with unbeatable accuracy, surpassing the capabilities of any human or shuffle machine. Additionally, all communication is securely encrypted with state-of-the-art technology: TLS 1.3 with certificate pinning and forward secrecy, ensuring that your data cannot be intercepted or decrypted at any time.

Download now and good luck!

Key Features

  • Much more poker!

    Our professional dealer shuffles your cards in seconds better than any human or shuffling machine ever could. No more misdeals and many more hands. Focus on your opponent and Texas Holdem.

  • Poker Clock

    With our Poker Clock you always have the blinds in view. Our dealer always reminds you when you are in the small or big blind and how much you have to bet. You've never played with such discipline.

  • Cashgame & Tournaments

    Our dealer always knows when you are allowed to enter the game and when not. You want to buy the button in the cash game? No problem. (Coming soon)

  • Intuitive Gestures

    To make you feel comfortable while playing, there are intuitive gestures for handling the cards. You want to fold your cards? Just swipe them upwards.

  • Up to 10 players

    Plays with up to 10 players. Soon 12 will be possible.

  • Play 100% digital

    You don't have any chips either? No problem. Use chips digitally too. No friends with you at the moment? Compete against others online!

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